Probably the most famous warriors in all of history were the Samurai. They lived in Japan centuries ago and were both feared and respected. What many people never realised was that there existed in the animal kingdom Samurai warriors of great skill and prowess, easily rivalling those of their human counterparts. One such warrior was called Cougarsamurai. Throughout his travels he encountered many friends and adversaries, all of whom he treated with the same respect and fairness. These short stories, many of which are taken from true accounts in ancient Japanese history, chronicle the travels of Cougarsamurai and provide insights into the lessons he learned along the way.

Below is a sample story from The Cougarsamurai Chronicles.

Master of the Tea Ceremony

As Cougarasmurai sat with legs crossed in the bamboo teahouse he reflected on how well the tea master had performed the ceremony. He was always amazed at the level of concentration and exactitude that a person can put into such a simple act. It was as if every fibre of the masters being was dedicated solely to making tea. This is how life should be; living fully in the present moment.

Cougarsamurai’s thoughts were interrupted at this moment by a commotion in the far corner of the room. A large and well muscled Samurai had leaped to his feet and was glaring down at the tea master who stood calmly facing the towering figure with his head bowed. It seemed that the tea master had inadvertently kicked the Samurai’s sword in passing. Despite the smaller man’s apologies the large Samurai could not be placated. He demanded a duel with the tea master as the only way to get satisfaction from this insult. The time and place for the duel was agreed for the day after tomorrow at noon in the town square.

The tea master was beside himself with fear and anxiety. He immediately approached Cougarsamurai and asked what he was going to do. Cougarsamurai replied that he would teach him the only move he needed to know, but first he was to make some more tea. As the master started the ceremony his whole demeanour changed. He became calm, relaxed and focused. When the tea was finished Cougarsamurai gave him the following instructions:

Before the duel was due to take place the master was to make tea for the opposing Samurai, in exactly the same way he had just done for Cougarsamurai. Once the tea ceremony had been completed, he was to draw his sword and stand in the centre of the square with the blade raised high above his head. Whilst in this position he should think of nothing but the preparing of the tea.

The tea master was confused, but knowing that his fate was sealed agreed to this plan as his best chance of survival.

Two days later at noon both the tea master, the large Samurai and a sizeable crowd, gathered in the town square. As instructed, the master began making tea for the Samurai. He took his time and made a real effort to make this, his last ever tea ceremony, the best he had ever done. When he had completed making the tea he handed it to his opponent and said that he hoped he would enjoy it. The master then went to the centre of the square, drew his sword, and took up the stance.

The crowd were amazed. There was deadly silence as the onlookers held their breath. Everyone was in complete disbelief at the apparent confidence and focus of this small man. The large Samurai was also taken aback. He had fought in many duels, but never had he seen an opponent who showed such lack of fear and complete focus.

Sensing that the man in front of him had no fear of death, the confidence of the large Samurai began to diminish. More than that, he realised that in front of him was someone who knew something that he had not yet mastered. The Samurai knew he had much to learn from this man. He approached the tea master and asked to be taught in the ways of the tea ceremony, in order that he could learn such control and composure. The tea master lowered his sword and agreed. The duel was over.

Towards the rear of the crowd, Cougarsamurai smiled to himself. He reminded himself, to treat every moment the same and give it his full attention. Turning on his heel and lifting his small bag onto his shoulder, he made his way out of the village.

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